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Fresh from 1984 - and imported over the Atlantic, besides - have a trio of promotional mini-posters featuring Soundwave, the Decepticon jets, and Megatron, made using stills from the earliest Transformers comic and toy commercials. These ridiculously high-resolution scans were made, respectively, from Marvel UK’s Transformers #4, #5 and #6.

I actually scanned these some time ago, but at the time wrote them off as being useless because, due to the terrible color reproduction involved, they were incredibly red-tinged. However, I recently learned about Photoshop’s “Variations” tool (which is kind of embarrassing, given how long I’ve had the program), and my new stab at fixing them up produced much better results. Megatron is still terribly yellowish, though.

Fun fact: in these scans, Starscream is the one with the grey chest and white/red wings! These early ads seem to have been the source of his first Marvel Comics color scheme, which appears to have switched the grey to blue because of comics’ limited color palette at the time.

There were also mini-posters featuring Optimus Prime and the Autobot cars, but their animation designs didn’t change as drastically, so I didn’t scan them at the time. Might go back and do them anyway now…


And then there was that time GRANT MORRISON wrote Zoids stories for Marvel UK (and Geoff Senior drew them).

Scans made by a friend from the 31st issue of Marvel UK’s Spider-Man and Zoids comic. That series remains one of the strangest joint titles I’ve ever heard of - and that’s before considering that it also ran Star Wars reprints.


Unique Megatron and Optimus Prime character biographies from the UK’s 1986 Transformers Annual.

"Not in the face!" says Megatron.  

Dark Science #16 - The Missing Sun