This is totally babies

Yes they WILL die, and then other people can take over. Also, I wasn't specifically talking about just you, bad wording, my bad. I meant the majority complaining, what's the point? They could be making a successful company themselves and make millions. All that comic page you did was reinforce your ideals and focus more on the fact that people don't like that part of the comic industry. I know what you do, I like Dumbing of age, your characters are a good example of what you are saying.

If nobody complained, then blacks would still be slaves and women couldn’t vote and the mentally ill would still be stoned to death.  

The only folks who complain about complaining are those who already have all the shit they need out of life and can’t be bothered to care about others.  Complaining FIXES THE WORLD.

Also, that’s a pretty ballsy stance to take, as you complain at me post after post.  If complaining has no point, WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME.

  1. jraikov said: *Mic Drop*
  2. lurkerwithout said: That last line needs a mic drop
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  4. vabolo said: OH SNAP!
  5. everybodysbadintentions said: This guy is literally complaining about you doing the thing that he is suggesting that you should do instead of doing some other thing. Thereby disproving himself.