This is totally babies

bryan lee o'malley is a homestuck fan (twitter. com/radiomaru/status/204393808438378496). so is ryan north.

seriously cut it out go away and leave me alone

  1. kidcrimedoer said: i’m really sorry i didn’t mean to harass anyone! i didn’t know that sending a couple sentences would be over the line (i guess you’ve gotten too many messages about this? i didn’t know). but yeah very embarrassed and sorry
  2. tin-pan-ali said: i like you sir, i hope you have a lovely day completely homestuck free and butthead free
  3. eisuverse said: Ha ha ha ha, as if the fact that well-known people read it means you have to read it too… that’s just weird logic dude.
  4. theamazingindi said: HOLY FUCKIN SHIT STOP BOTHERIN THE MAN
  5. benoitproductions said: Feel free to continue on reading, or not reading, whatever you life good sir.
  6. mnxmnkmnd said: sorry man :<
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