This is totally babies

With Ethan's departure, that leaves only Robin, Galasso and Ninja Rick as the cast of Shortpacked! employees to remain from the start of the comic. You've said Robin's not going anywhere and I doubt Galasso is either...but what about Ninja Rick? Will we get a tearful, sparkling, shonen sendoff for the guy, or is he forever bound to the store? (Alternatively: will there be another Ninja Rick 'storyline' like the one where he killed a dude with his sword?)


Ninja Rick ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Until 2016, anyway.

  1. makeitwrite said: Then it’s all spider, all the time
  2. andy354 said: Oh thank goodness i was worried you where planing to pull a fast one where he left us only to come back to strike the one pose and leave again xD
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