This is totally babies

I’ve decided to start collecting webcomics titled “Roomies”

1) There is, of course, mine.

2) There’s the one about a horse-person that no longer exists, but I remember back when it did.

3) There’s the one about a guy in a banana costume i guess i’m not sure?

4) There’s the other one about animal-people, though this time it’s cats, not horses. 

5) And then there’s this other thing I dug up and I’m not sure why it’s called this.

6) And there’s apparently one called Roommates (close enough) that updates on DeviantArt. (thanks to whydontihatemarrymyself)

This list exists outside the comics that have “Roomies” as part of a longer title, like Go Get a Roomie or College Roomies from Hell!!!.  These titles are way too creative.  I’d be interested in seeing which other “Roomies” webcomics out there can be dug up.  I’ve probably just uncovered the tip of the iceberg.

  1. lunainvidia said: I am extremely fond of “Roommates”. I love crossovers.
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    Oh my gosh: all but the first look so terrible!
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  4. maritzac said: Guy, my comic WAS titled “Roomies” until I found yours and I changed the title :D
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