This is totally babies

So, if you hadn't felt the need to unfridge Rachel, would we ever have found out any of this?

Possibly not.  Certainly not found out in this way.  

Full disclosure, SURPRISE, Robin and Leslie were always going to end up together again.  Okay, rewind more.  Robin and Leslie were always going to have a fight and break up and then get back together eventually.  But then the break-up was pretty big and getting them back together seemed like it’d require more effort.  And so it took a while, and it required Robin to grow a little.  And I always thought it’d be interesting to get Robin and Joe together briefly in the interim, and the only way to split them up would to get Rachel back, and to do that I had to figure out where Rachel WAS, and in an alternate universe seemed like a fun place since obviously being locked up under some floorboards for years is kind of dark and uninteresting, and bam okay there’s this universe where there’s no pulled drama tag and oh hey i can explain everything ever

Anyway, this ended up being the most super-efficient storyline possible.  I got to tie up like 30 things at once.  It was astounding. Would we have learned everything in another way?  Who knows.  Sometimes opportunities present themselves.  Sometimes dozens of opportunities present themselves at once.  

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