This is totally babies

David, that night on the boat... when our wives were off comparing boobs or whatever girls do... what we shared that night was magical. But, David, you have to accept the consequences of our passion. Our son is almost a year old, David. He needs a father. I would do it, but there's like an entire season of Dexter on my DVR that I haven't watched. His name is Megazord, just like your favorite Gobotron. Be a man, David. Be a father to Megazord.
  1. texasuberalles said: Ye’re a wee bad man, Willis, fur nae makin’ this reblargable.
  2. dedlok said: Jonathan prefers to be called Megazord. I know this because I speak baby.
  3. aceinnatailsuit said: This is the best thing.
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