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Shannon Wheeler Asks Why ‘Grandpa Won’t Wake Up’ In Faux Children’s Book [Preview]

Fresh off his Eisner win for this year’s I Thought You Would Be Funnier, a collection of cartoons rejected by The New Yorker, Shannon Wheeler is back with a new project that some people may also find objectionable, or at least feel a little guilty about laughing about. Grandpa Won’t Wake Up is illustrated by Wheeler from a story by Simon Max Hill, and depicts the extremely grim but increasingly outrageous attempts of two children to wake their sleeping grandfather, who is actually dead. Published by BOOM! Studios’ BOOM! Town imprint, the book is a dark parody of the classic 1940s Little Golden children’s titles like The Little Red Hen, and debuts this weekend at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. You can check out a preview after the cut.

For those of you very sick, twisted children who might be in San Francisco this weekend, Wheeler will be on hand at APE with limited edition copies of Grandpa Won’t Wake Up, which you can find at booth #247. The book goes on sale in finer comic shops and bookstores October 5.

Read more preview pages at ComicsAlliance.

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