This is totally babies

Oct 19

dutchtica said: Really weird question. If Transformers have a concept of gender, and as you showed in that comic with Arcee (that you once posted on Tumblr) have a concept of infatuation with Transformers of the opposite at the very least, are there "Male" Transformers that have feelings for each other? Am I overthinking things? I'm probably overthinking things.

crazycatholic11 said: Are there any asexual characters in DoA? I was talking to some friends yesterday and we couldn't remember if there were or not.

There’s a few.

ca-macabre said: We know (roughly) that the Dexter and Monkey Master show is about the title characters and their madcap attempts to take over the world (at least in the former's case) but I'm curious: What is the premise, within the Dumbiverse, of the Ultra-Car cartoon?

Ultra Car and a pair of humans fly around space and fight Obsticons.

omegaspreem said: So how long have you've been waiting to do something with Mary? I mean, I'm personally glad that she gets to do something plot relevant because I'm interested to see where you go with her. So I guess a "Thank you Willis" is in order

I had a mini-story with her and Roz that I thought about doing a few “days” ago, but it wasn’t a very happy story and this was immediately following all that Family Weekend business and I kind of needed something lighter.  

Anonymous said: Draw something you find sexy/attractive!


farmer-10 said: Not ALL shitlords.

nerdyblogname said: If you had to pick one Transformer to call your all time favorite, who and why?

Probably Transmetal Megatron.  Well, the Metals version from Japan so he doesn’t explode.

hollowmanchild said: Technically, Windshear has no officially-a gender (unlike Heavy Tread and Runway, who are canonically male if the "Legends" game is to be believed). So if Windshear were to appear in "Recordicons", you could settle this matter however you like. Or does that seem like an abuse of power to you? (For that matter, do you care if it's an abuse of power?)

I would have to find a way to talk about her in regards to little tape guys, I think.  

ponysohappy said: Oh look. Everything is happy in DoA. Usually in OTHER prices of fiction that's a good thing. But in ongoing David Willis web comic college soap operas, it's just the calm before the storm. XD

I’m really enjoying how everyone is freaking out.

atelierjanette said: How do I find your comics on Slipshine? I got a subscription and everything I just can't figure out how to find one-shots.

My stuff is under “Webcomic Crossover Bananza.”