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Sep 01

mokia said: Who's your favorite character to get artwork of? :>

Honestly, I’m delighted to get art of anyone!  Every time I get art of somebody, they become my favorite character.  

collegiatitanica said: Has the 7 day a week schedule changed how you structure your stories? Like before with the weekend break there was often a cliffhanger on Friday that was picked up again on Monday, but to me it seems there are less pronounced points of cliffhangeriness inside scenes.

I didn’t often really try for Friday cliffhangers before except on rare occasions.  Pushing that artificially can screw up story more than it is worth.  You have to make sure you’re not losing important moments by rushing ahead to reach a Friday deadline on time.  

But I guess, technically, I have gone from “rarely” to “never,” so that is a tangible change.  




And his character’s name is Christian White.




And his character’s name is Christian White.

dimensionalguitarrift said: I love your comics. They're so genuine and respectfully deal with relationships and sexuality while still being funny. I'm inspired to do the same with my own work. :)

what is this, sloths can’t type, who is writing this

are you a magical sloth

mokia said: Are any of the characters canonically pansexual or are there only bisexuals? (not to discredit bisexuals, just curious)

Definitely not Mike, because if he were, he’d stop just to piss you off. 

aububuh said: Under what circumstances would you start a new comic with new characters?

I guess it would have to be the year 2005, and set in a toy store.  

orangebaccarat said: Who do you think is the dumbest superhero ever who wasn't made for an Evangelical direct-to-video show?

I want to say Dr. Fate, but I’m strongly prejudiced against any magic-based superhero.  Maybe Silver Surfer, because, come on.  He’s just a naked silver guy on a surfboard.  What kind of adventures can a guy like that even have?  A search for cosmic weed?

lifeasgrey said: When are Ethan and Danny going to frick frack?

addendum: don’t ask for spoilers

sittin’ in a starbucks for the next 90 minutes, send me some asks i guess

batmoneyguy said: So just saw and watched the trailer for that Saving Xmas film. It just some random asshole bitching about how there is no Jesus anymore and Kirk saying there is and providing a bad voice over.

Guy 1: Christmas is bogus because it’s actually just a hijacked pagan holiday

Guy 2: NUH UH