This is totally babies

Aug 21

psychokineticex said: Does this mean that Walkyverse Danny is also Bi, but never realized it?



It’s very possible he has realized it but it just hasn’t come up on-panel.  

I gotcha covered Willis.image


lsd-soundsystem said: omg omg omg im dying a gay death god bless u willis

"dying a gay death" sounds like a neat euphemism for a handy

awkwardgreenonionman said: *the sound of straight white men being angry at lack of representation in DoA*

There’s always…




londrieved said: See, unlike the last person, I consider Danny/Amber to be over in my head. Amber doesn't need a man right now, she needs to get her priorities straight. She's too broken a person right now to give anything in a relationship. She needs close, personal friends. Also, the duplicity with Amazi-girl and being his friend and lover at once? That's trust issues that won't magically go away. We can't forget that Danny shoved Amber away on Parent's day. Realizing Amber was Amazi-girl didn't save them.

Unfortunately for Amber, broken people in relationships is like catnip to me.  

rodimiss said: I remember a while back someone jokingly said something about how the only straight white dude representation in DoA was Danny. This just gets better and better.



Another character in Dumbing of Age confirmed for bisexual


God bless u Willis

leguigui said: I just imagined the psycho-blast it would cause to amber to see Danny cheat her with Ethan, of all persons, and you have an history of making events blow in the faces of your characters, Mister. The "Damn you, Willis!" doesn't come out of nowhere.

Danny was literally jumped on for casual supersex by Billie and he turned it down because he had feelings for Amazi-Girl even if he didn’t know they were reciprocated yet.  Hell, he was a jerk to Amber because he was afraid of the possibility of temptation of cheating on her with Amazi-Girl.  

I’m a little upset that you think I will ignore Danny’s primary character trait now that one of the people he’s now physically attracted to is a dude.

lightingmike said: (New reader) wait. Danny's Bi? Balls. I really all this to just be dopey obliviousness.

More than his balls are bi!

qlippot said: No clue why all these people think the Dumbing of Age characters will find their perfect mates in their freshman year of college. Did they even go to college?

fuck everyone, sort it out later

leguigui said: I just don't want Danny to cheat on Amber. She doesn't deserve that and I don't want to think their story is over. (seriously, I am kind of the blandest person when it come to OTP, the most obvious one is always the one I want to see work (it took me a year to admit the relationship between Ethan and Drew wouldn't work out in shortpacked))... What was saying?... Oh, yeah, DON'T FUCKING BREAK UP DANNY AND AMBER! And with Ethan, in plus of that, it's like you want to see the girl suffer...

What makes you think Danny would cheat?